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5 Pet Travel Tips You Need to Know | Instachew

No matter what kind of pet you have, you always want to be around them. When we leave them at home, we can't help but miss them. We want to be with them, especially when we have out-of-town trips or long vacations. So, why not bring them along?

Traveling with your pets is one of the best experiences. You'll get to be with them and even explore different places with them. Some pet owners who have dogs and cats, even travel the world with their adventure-seeking furballs. If you want to start making unforgettable memories with your own pets, here are some pet travel tips for you!

Tip #1: Research places where they permit pets to enter.

This is the first rule for pet traveling. You must never forget to check whether the destination you are going allows entrance for pets. There are countries that have quarantine periods, so know all of these things beforehand. Otherwise, you'll risk getting stuck at the airport.

Tip #2: Calculate the cost.

Who says it's easy to bring your pets anywhere? You need to provide for crates, carrier, air or hotel surcharges. You also need to prepare for unexpected costs such as vet bills in case something happens to your pets. It doesn't hurt to be careful since being in a foreign country might make things difficult for you.

Tip #3: Pet training is required.

Of course, all of the preparations will fail if your pet isn't ready to travel. As an owner, you know your pets well, from their fears to their quirks, so you can gauge whether they are ready to be outside the confines of your homes. You don't want to risk losing them in the middle of a busy street or heavens forbid, in the forest or jungle. It might be an adventure for you and them, but it could also be a disaster waiting to happen if without proper preparation and training.

Tip #4: Give your pet a health check-up.

It is crucial to know whether your pet is fit to travel. You want them to be healthy and in good condition. Getting them sick during your travels will only cause you more worry. You also don't want them to feel stressed out and in pain. So, consult your vet first before starting your trip.

Tip #5: Buy essential pet travel equipment.

Pet traveling will require various things. You need crates, carriers, pet toys, harnesses, travel bottles, and more. It would be best if you had everything in hand to make it less stressful for your pets. It is better to come prepared before traveling. You'll feel assured and ready, which means a hassle-free experience for you!

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