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Dog Potty Training 101 for the Pet Owner

As a pet owner, one of the many things that worry you is when you have to leave your pets at home for an extended period of time. This can be an issue, especially if your pet is still not house trained. Dog owners, for instance, need to be able to potty train their pets because they can make a lot of mess. If you don’t want pee stains on your couch or a huge poop on your floor, make sure that they have the appropriate place to relieve themselves.

That is why training your dog where to do their business is an absolute must. Here are some of the things that you can do:

Pick a Potty Area

You need a designated place where they can poop and pee. For example, if you have a backyard, you can choose a spot where they can relieve themselves. Or, you also have the option of buying dog training litter trays, where they’ll be trained not to poop anywhere in the house, especially if you need to leave them alone at home at certain times. Sometimes, dogs can even choose their own spot, and they’ll often return to that area.

Make Sure Everything’s Clean

Their toilet areas must always be cleaned because your dog might choose to relieve itself somewhere else. No one would want to do their business in a smelly and messy place. You can leave some of the waste so that they’ll know it is the right spot. But, make sure to keep it hygienic always.

Learn to Make Them Go on Command

You need to train your dog to go in one spot, and this can be done by commanding them. You can use cue words, and when they do relieve themselves in that certain area, you can then offer them a reward. It will help condition the dogs that doing their business there is a good thing.

Be Aware of Their Body Language

As you potty train your dog, you need to be vigilant when it comes to their body language. This is because most dogs will show signs whenever they are about to relieve themselves, such as when they pace, spin or sniff. If you see those behaviors, then take them to their potty area if needed.

Exercise Patience

You need to be patient with your dog because they won’t be able to get it right the first time. They need constant reminders until the potty training, and the command has been ingrained in them. Never punish them by scolding or hitting if they did a bad behavior. Positive reinforcement is needed and not hostility or violence. Your dog will surely be trained. Just give it time and do your best. Pet care requires a lot of work and responsibility. If you want a well-behaved dog, you need to invest time and do your best to teach them good habits. We at Instachew can help you take care of your pets with less hassle. Our innovative products can make your training fun and easy. We offer dog pee pad trays such as PETKIT Pura Dog Pee Pad Tray, which is perfect for your furry friends. As a double-layered litter tray, it is specifically designed for indoor excretion training. Get yours and visit us today!



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