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Keeping Your Feline Friends Entertained While You Are Away

As much as you want to, it’s not possible to take your cats with you wherever you wish to go. There will be times when you would need to leave them at home, alone or otherwise. You may need to attend school, go to work, go shopping or watch movies, and many more. So, how do you ensure that you keep your cats entertained whenever you are out of the house? Are there cat products specially made for such situations?

Check out these tips on how to do so:

1.Cardboard Boxes:

What cat doesn’t love playing in boxes? Cats often go in and out of them – just for fun! They play hide and seek and use it as a fort. They use it as their all-around multipurpose toy. So, leave a cardboard box for your cat to play with whenever you are heading out of the house. Not only are they cheap and easy to get, but they also engage and entertain your cats to no end, while keeping your furniture relatively safe.

2.Paper and Paper Bags:

Similar to the cardboard box, paper is another low-cost resource that is capable of entertaining your feline pets. Your cats can scratch, tear holes, and even change their shapes. The next time you leave for work or school, make sure you scatter a few pieces of paper and paper bags all over the house to keep your cats entertained throughout the day.

3.Room with a View:

Cats are natural observers. They love seeing things that happen in the outside world. So, before you leave the house, place your cat in an elevated room where they can look outside. Keep the blinds open. Also, you can choose to place a fish tank inside that room to add entertainment. Fish tanks can help keep your cat entertained and visually stimulated while you are out of the house. Just make sure that your fish are safe from your cat.

4.Cat Furniture and Interactive Toys:

These types of furniture can come in the form of scratching benches, scratching posts, cat trees, and many more. Toys such as circular tracks with a ball trapped inside a rail also work wonders to ensure they’re not bored. These types of furniture and toys allow your cat to scratch and play around to their heart’s content instead of harming your couches and chairs.

5.Food Puzzles:

For cats who love their food, you may consider puzzles that are treat-based to keep them engaged even when they are alone. Food puzzles keep your pets entertained and fed at the same time. Thus, you're like hitting two birds with one stone. These food puzzles are usually spheres (or they may be toys) that you can fill with cat treats that only release the food when the cat figures out the correct method. So, keep them challenged, and you will improve their instincts and problem-solving skills.


Another suggestion would be creating an entertainment room which includes all of your cat’s needs, such as food, water, a great view, and other cat products or toys needed to keep them alive and engaged while you take care of things outside. However, doing so may require more financial obligations on your end. Instead, you may choose to adopt another feline friend to keep your cat company when you’re not at home. But let’s leave that option for when you are ready for more responsibility as a fur parent. In the end, it’s your choice.

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