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What makes ‘Pet Care Easy’ for me and the team of INSTACHEW

Pets make our lives better. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, a guinea pig or a hamster, pets make us happy. They are our best friends. They’re there for us when we need a cuddle or console us when we need a hug. Our pets are a part of our family but sometimes family is hard. We have to make sure everyone is fed, hydrated and happy. The same thing goes with our pets! Our slogan ‘Pet Care Made Easy’ does exactly that! With these new products that are launching we have developed easy and efficient ways to keep our entire family happy, especially our furry members!

We have designed easy to use, app compatible products that make our busy lives more efficient. Having access to your pets products through your phone, like the new PureChase Smart Mouse. The PureChase Smart Mouse, is an electric mouse with a double sided roller and adjustable speed all app controlled that will have your furry cat friends running around the house as you control it using your smartphone. We also have the PureSmart Water Fountain that has wifi enabled alerts to ensure a constant flow of water. On the app you would have access to control and customize your water settings, receive alerts when a refill is needed and will consistently provide a slow steady stream of water flow for your pets.

Smart tools just like these ones bring joy not only to our pets but also to us. Our everyday lives are so fast paced sometimes we forget to change the water in the bowl or don’t have enough time to play with our pets but INSTACHEW was determined to make pet care easier for everyone. These are just a few of the many smart, app connected products that will be launching very soon to help you make pet care easy!

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