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Cat Trees

    Introducing Cat Trees and Condos for Canadian Pet Owners

    Give your beloved feline companion the ultimate kingdom with our selection of cat trees and condos. Designed with Canadian pet owners in mind, these spacious cat towers allow your kitty to rule and roam freely. Made with quilted or padded fabrics like carpet, fleece, or suede, our cat trees also serve as excellent scratching posts, satisfying your cat's natural instincts. Instachew's Cat Tree collection offers a variety of options to suit your pet's needs.


    Discover the Best Cat Trees

    When choosing a cat tree, it's important to consider the right size for your home and cats, along with a durable design. The best cat trees feature claw-friendly materials such as sisal and carpet, making climbing and scratching more enjoyable. Don't forget the fun factor! Look for trees with hanging toy elements that engage your cat during playtime. Platforms and cubbies provide cozy hiding spots for resting after a playful session.


    Choosing the Perfect Size

    Select a cat tree that suits both your living space and the size and temperament of your kitty. Compact cat trees are ideal for older cats and single-kitty homes, while larger trees work well for younger felines and multi-cat households. Remember to consider the height as well. For senior cats, it's essential to avoid trees that are too high to prevent potential injuries from jumping.

    Ideal Placement for Your Cat Tree

    Ensure your cat tree is placed in an area that offers a broad, panoramic view and promotes a sense of safety and calm for your feline friend. Avoid positioning the tree in enclosed or tight spaces, and keep it away from loud noises like televisions and outside traffic. Experiment with different locations to see where your cat feels most comfortable and content.


    Invest in your pet's happiness today by exploring the diverse cat tree collection available at Instachew. Your Canadian cat deserves the best in comfort, playfulness, and relaxation.

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