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Instachew Purrflow Smart Pet Water Fountain

The INSTACHEW Purrflow Smart Water Fountain is an app-enabled drinking fountain for pets. It has constant water flow and you can now schedule drinking times for your pet, and receive push notifications to keep track of your pet's drinking habits from your smartphone.


ULTRA QUIET and POWER SAVING: Our pet drinking fountain works silently even when the water is refilled. Ensure your pet has a comfortable environment. Besides its quiet operation, it also consumes very little energy.


SMART PHONE COMPATIBLE: Instachew smart water fountains can be controlled with your smart phone. It can be used to adjust the schedules. The smart phone will receive a notification when the tank needs to be refilled.


LARGE CAPACITY: 2.0 Liter water tank keeps the water safe for a longer duration without creating any odor. You don't need to refill the water again and again. The water tank can be easily detached from the body and pump for cleaning.


SAFETY: The Purrflow smart pet fountain has integrated intelligent power-off protection to avoid potential safety hazards caused by leakage.

Instachew Purrflow Smart Pet Water Fountain

SKU: IC868
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